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Elevation Industries is a Representation and Distribution Agency that is based in Fernie, BC, targeting Canada from coast to coast. The goal is to work with businesses that embrace the outdoors and are driven by passion so that together we can encourage and support the pursuit of a healthy outdoor lifestyle. The Brands we focus on speak for themselves. Innovative, creative, and a level of quality that describes performance that’s as unique as you are.




Tasc Performance

Tasc Performance is the next generation of performance quality and comfort.  It is the premier choice for active lifestyles like yours–the crossroads of natural comfort and outstanding endurance, so you can master the greatest sport of all: the sport of Life.

Our proprietary bamboo performance technology fabric, derived from all-natural bamboo fibers, keeps you cool, dry and comfortable beyond measure.  So work hard.  Play hard.  And be your personal best–every moment of every day.

For more information on Tasc Performance, visit: http://tascperformance.com/



We scramble up mountains, run rivers on inflatable couches, and ski sand dunes. We sit around campfires and hatch crazy schemes that become the next adventure, and we spill a lot of beer on our Chilliwack shorts because we’re laughing too hard to keep a grip on the bottle.


Eagles Nest Outfitters

They began as a small operation in Florida, planning to travel the East Coast in a ramshackle minivan and sell hammocks at music festivals and community gatherings along the way. In the early years, home was wherever the van was parked that night. The brothers Peter and Paul dedicated their days and nights to making and selling the most comfortable hammocks in the world.